How Breathwork Benefits You and Your Relationship

Nov 23, 2022

Did you know that you can use your breath to do so much more than just live? That you can use it to actually thrive?

In this episode, we’re bringing some awareness to a practice that, in our opinion, is not talked about enough. If you’ve never heard of the term breathwork, or you’re just not sure what it is, this is an episode you won’t want to miss as we dive into the modalities of the practice and how it can help you in your personal transformation, your healing process, and at the end of the day, even in your relationship.

We’re exploring the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of breathwork, how to connect with your higher power through your breath, and how you can use breathwork to detoxify your body (and who doesn’t need that?)

We also talk about what you can expect from an upcoming Masterclass on breathwork that you don’t want to miss because it WILL change your life!



[1:15] What is breathwork?

[4:00] The benefits of breathwork.

[15:05] What you can expect from a breathwork session.

[19:40] Why it’s just plain awesome.

[25:40] Contraindications to breathwork.

[29:30] Why to consider including breathwork in your transformational work.



  • Breathe.

  • Have grace with yourself.

  • Trust in the process.

  • Try it more than once.

  • Be open-minded.



“Breathwork is essentially a healing modality.” - Laura

“Our breath is our life source.” - Laura

“70% of our body’s ability to detox happens through our breath.” - Laura

“It’s like s super highway from your physical body to your higher self.” - Laura

“Once you do it once, then you’ll understand that side of things.” - Mike

“You will never experience too much or more than you can handle.” - Laura

“Holy fuck, this is real and I need to do more of this.” - Laura

“You always get what you need.” - Laura



[4:55 - 5:10] Using the breath to detox our bodies.

[14:45 - 14:55] How breathwork can make you feel.

[21:35 - 22:35] Laura’s first experience with a breath session.




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