Mars Vs. Venus: How to Communicate With Your Partner From A Different Planet

Nov 23, 2022

The old adage “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” is almost never as apparent as when two people of the opposite sex are trying to communicate with each other.

Unless, of course, they’ve done the work to actively learn how to communicate with each other!

In this episode, we’re diving into communication between the sexes: why it can be so hard, how energy fits into the equation, and how you can overcome communication challenges with your partner so you can start to get into the deeper topics in your relationship.

We’re talking personal responsibility, communication styles, sharing what the game changer is for communicating better with your partner…and Mike is sharing his long-held secret on how he learned to understand the opposite sex.

Grab your significant other, get comfortable, and listen in to find out how to say what you need to say without causing the next world war!



The absolute importance of communication. [3:10]

The barrier to getting into the deeper issues in your relationship. [7:15]

What it means to take personal responsibility. [9:45]

Communication from the man’s perspective. [12:50]

Why men need an outside sounding board for their emotions. [14:30]

It’s all about energy. [17:55]

The female perspective on communication. [21:25]

How Mike got behind enemy lines in his teens. [24:45]



  • Learn to communicate effectively.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Check in with your partner.

  • Energy creates polarity.



“Most men don’t take a lot emotions into consideration.” - Mike

“Shut up, listen, it’s really simple.” - Mike

“You can’t go to those deeper things if you don’t know how to communicate.” - Laura

“We’re not meant to communicate the same.” - Laura

“You got to stick with what works.” - Mike

“The more you can understand your partner, the deeper you can go.” - Laura



[3:10 - 3:35] Communication is the key to everything.

[7:15 - 8:00] What is preventing you from getting to the deep rooted issues in your relationship.

[14:30 - 15:10] Finding an outside sounding board to process emotions.




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