How To Be A Team Player To Your Partner

Nov 23, 2022

The title says it all: how can you ensure you’re being a team player to your partner, and why does it even matter?

We’re getting into it in this episode and exploring all the many ways that competition between partners can happen (score-keeping housework, anyone?) so you can be aware when it’s happening and start to work WITH your partner - instead of against them - because the truth is, competing against your partner only causes strife, frustration, and ultimately, dysfunction.

We also dive into how partner competition affects the polarity in your relationship, and why being in your most natural energetic state makes life just flow a whole lot easier - and who doesn’t need more of that in their life?




Why doing the inner child work is important to working with your partner instead of against them. [3:45]

The many ways competition can appear in a relationship. [6:35]

Going dutch and how it can affect polarity in a relationship. [11:15]

Why women feel a lack of intimacy with their partner. [18:10]

How we have lost our way and what we can do to find it again. [25:00]



  • Embrace the polarity in your relationship.

  • Be aware.

  • Stop score-keeping.

  • Grow, don’t compete.



“I don’t want to compete with you, I want to build more with you.” - Mike

“Come home, put in some effort, and that effort will come back to you.” - Mike

“The lack of intimacy comes from the fact that they’re way too into their heads because they just have too much to do.” - Laura

“You have to do hard shit in life, but if you can make other area of your life flow with ease, then why not?” - Laura



[4:15 - 5:00] The gift you can give your child and yourself.

[14:45 - 15:10] Understanding the polarity of masculine and feminine will ease the need to compete.

[23:30 - 23:55] Want to make life flow easier? Stand united.




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