Just Do It: Overcoming Your Fear of Taking Risks With Michele Rogers

Nov 23, 2022

Michele Rogers does not mess around. She takes risks, tries new things, and does not shy away from living life on her terms. She is a mother, a partner, and an entrepreneur who has had many adventures in business, and she joins the show today to talk about the challenges that women face - from motherhood, to unrealistic societal expectations, to business, and beyond.

We discuss all the many hats that Michele has worn over the years, and she shares how her partner helped to support her throughout all the ups and downs, especially when it came to starting or running a business while juggling the responsibilities of a family. We also dive into the dangers of competing with your spouse, the power of teamwork, and the realization that Michele had that changed the dynamics in her relationship for the better.



Michele’s story and her experience operating gyms. [2:10]

Pivoting to working in a sexual assault centre. [12:00]

Having to give up so much due to illness. [18:20]

Meeting her now partner. [20:30]

The ah-ha moment that Michele had that changed her relationship. [23:45]

How men can support their partners going after their dreams. [34:00]



  • Communicate what you need.

  • Treat your spouse as your team member, not your competition.

  • Men and women are different - think accordingly.

  • Ditch your fear.

  • Take risks.



“The biggest thing for me was ‘how can I be of service?’” - Michele

“When you help mom you’re helping the family too.” - Michele

“There were days when I just laid in my chair and couldn’t do anything.” - Michele

“Without your health not much else happens.” - Michele

“When you feel good about yourself you exude just a little bit of a different energy.” - Michele



[8:00 - 8:20] The dichotomy between the fear of success and the fear of failure.

[23:45 - ] Men are not the same as women.

[29:25 - 24:15] Sometimes saying “I love you” comes in different forms.




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