What Does It Mean To Soften Your Heart?

Nov 23, 2022

You’ve probably heard the saying “to soften your heart” - but what does that actually mean?

We’ve been talking a lot about men’s work, and now we’re shifting focus to talk about the importance of women doing the work to soften their hearts and their bodies - from what that looks like to why it’s important not just for each woman, but for her children and (of course) her relationship as well.

This is an episode for the ladies, so if you’re curious about doing the work, codependency, the wounded feminine, how to let go of stuck emotions (and why you might be holding on to them in the first place), and so much more, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!



Preparing to step away from one-to-one work to focus on family. [3:15]

Doing the work is a continuous process. [8:25]

No one (literally no one) has their shit together. [11:00]

Making a difference working with women and couples. [15:30]

Codependency vs. the wounded feminine vs. control. [17:30]

What it means to soften your heart. [25:00]

Open yourself up to the possibilities. [31:20]



  • Be open to possibilities.

  • The work never ends.

  • Don’t compare yourself.

  • Create balance in your body.

  • Break down the walls.



“I tricked myself into thinking that I was ok on this path.” - Mike

“No one has their shit together and everyone has stuff to work on.” - Laura

“If we don’t know how to move through those feelings and come back to a balanced state with our nervous system, we create beliefs and we keep those emotions stuck in our bodies.” - Laura

“We put up walls around our hearts.” - Laura

“What we’re really trying to do is have some sense of control in our lives.” - Laura



[8:25 - 8:50] Acknowledging that doing the work is a continuous process.

[11:05 - 12:20] No one has their shit together.

[16:55 -17:30] How we keep emotions stuck in our bodies.




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