The Art of the Surrender

Nov 23, 2022

Pregnancy is one of those life experiences that can open up a whole bunch of feels, especially when you feel like you might be pregnant forever.

In this episode, we open up about what has been coming up for us now that our due date has passed and what we’re doing to unpack those emotions as they arise.

We’re sharing some of the realizations that Laura has had, what’s been coming up through this experience, and the tools she is using to deal with the feels head-on (and in a healthy way). This is a real and honest conversation about surrender, healing, and learning to let go.

Even if you’re not pregnant, this is an episode you won’t want to miss as we discuss how to move the memory and the energy out of the body when emotions surface so you can find the beauty in the breakdown - and be open to receiving the lesson you’re meant to!




The lessons in the surrender. [4:15]

The duality of the masculine pregnancy deadline with the feminine flow. [9:25]

Giving yourself space to feel the feelings. [13:50]

Breathwork and hip-work to heal. [17:40]

The beauty in the breakdown. [25:30]



  • Move your body.

  • Be open to the lesson.

  • Let go and surrender.

  • You are meant to be where you are.



“I thought that I could manifest this baby coming early so that I wouldn’t have to get to this surrender spot.” - Laura

“I’ve done so much deeper stuff in learning to trust my body and taking my body back.” - Laura

“Feeling safe and at home in my body and trusting my body is a big part of this process.” - Laura

“Our hips and our wombs as women are the places that store most of our trauma.” - Laura

“There is beauty in the breakdown.” - Laura

“As far as choosing a wife, I’ve chosen well.” - Mike



[5:00 - 5:15] Healing through the surrender.

[13:50 - 15:55] Allowing space for the emotions and moving it out of the body.

[23:45 - 24:25] Finding the opportunity for transformation and healing.




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