A Birth Story

Nov 23, 2022

We had a baby!

This probably wasn’t a surprise for anyone because no one can stay pregnant forever, but it certainly felt like a possibility in the weeks leading up to the birth of Bear.

In this episode, we’re diving into the details of the birth, from the lead-up with the castor oil eviction notice, to Bear being born ‘en caul,’ to what it was like having Lennox present for the labour and birth.

We also talk about our experience with our midwives and why we chose to have a home birth (and how it didn’t exactly go as planned).

If you love birth stories, this is an episode you definitely won’t want to miss!




The experience leading up to the birth. [6:30]

Using castor oil to kickstart labour. [13:00]

The realization that labour had started. [20:30]

The logistics of planning a home birth. [24:00]

The unexpected benefits of HypnoBirthing. [27:45]

The arrival of the midwives and the birth of Bear. [37:14]

The birth from Mike’s perspective. [44:00]

Lennox’s experience at the birth. [55:00]

The after-birth experience. [57:16]

The importance of feeling safe, in birth and in relationships. [1:03:45]

Laura’s biggest piece of advice for women having babies. [1:08:55]

What all kids need. [1:12:45]



  • Prioritize safety, however that feels for you.

  • Do what feels right for you.

  • Create a safe space.

  • Do the work.



“When the time came I never once felt scared.” - Laura

“You go from having this person inside of you for nine to ten months and now they’re not inside of you and it’s weird.” - Laura

“There’s a lot that goes into planning a home birth.” - Laura

“A crazy amount of planning went into it and I’m so grateful that it did because I felt like a superhero.” - Mike

“I was never once concerned, afraid, nothing like that.” - Laura

“I was creating space for this baby to come out.” - Laura

“It’s amazing what our pelvises can do and what women’s bodies are built for.” - Laura

“As the men I felt a very much part of everything.” - Mike

“My children just need a mom who is at peace with herself.” - Laura



[7:45 - 9:15] The dichotomy of having access to quality medical care without having it cause unnecessary stress.

[11:50 - 13:00] Trusting and surrendering to the process of birth.

[33:35 -35:45] The benefits of working through fears before birth.




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