The Power of a Man’s Purpose

Nov 23, 2022

What does it mean to be a man?

There are probably a thousand different answers to this question, but there is one thing that is certain no matter how you define what a man is: if he’s not living to his purpose, he will not find true happiness.

In this episode we’re diving into what it looks like when men are living purposefully, including what it can look like in their relationships, as fathers, and more importantly, how they feel about themselves.

We’re also getting a look into Mike’s brain to get his perspective on what it means to live with purpose, and he’ll discuss how he turned things around to find his own purpose in life.

The power of a man’s purpose is about so much more than “being a man” - it can shift the whole balance and dynamic in your relationships and your entire life for the better, which will ultimately work to make the world a better place!


The importance of reflecting back. [5:25]

The shift of dynamics when men are not in their purpose. [11:10]

The power of letting go of the excuses that keep you stuck. [21:55]

How Mike first began to live his purpose and the ripple effect it had. [29:30]

One of the biggest issues facing men today and how to overcome it. [35:20]

Getting to choose your addiction path. [42:30]

The analogy of the river bank as the masculine. [48:25]



  • Be mindful.

  • Stop making excuses.

  • Move your body.

  • Choose your addiction.



"Me feeling the way I feel right now, it puts me into a different headspace.” - Mike

“We are the gatekeepers to our mind.” - Mike

“You have to watch what you let in.” - Mike

“We want to sink into your arms and let you take care of us.” - Laura



[5:25 - 6:30] being mindful of what you let into your life.

[10:40 - 11:10] The vicious cycle that keeps men stuck.

[21:55 - 22:20] Let go of the excuses.




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