Using The Gift of Storytelling To Enact Change With Kendal Netmaker

Nov 23, 2022

If you’ve ever used your upbringing or your past as an excuse, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.

Mike sits down and chats with Kendal Netmaker, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who is on a mission to empower and motivate people around the world by sharing his story of resilience and leadership. He and his siblings were raised by their single mother in Sweetgrass First Nation, and although surrounded by poverty and very few opportunities, he was able to rise up and harness his gift of storytelling to help change the world.

Listen in as Kendal shares his story of entrepreneurship against the odds, how he bet on himself and never let his failures stop him, and why the best foundation starts in the home. We also chat about the power of owning your story (no matter what it entailed!) using your story to lift yourself up, and why it’s often the best leaders who have overcome the most in life.



[2:00] About Kendal and his journey to where he is now.

[10:00] How to bridge the gap between the Reserve and the outside world.

[12:00] The importance of mentors in Kendal’s life.

[20:10] How to keep your relationship healthy.

[25:15] What it was like asking for help.

[36:20] How Kendal takes time for health and fitness with a busy schedule.

[40:00] What the term “men’s work” means for Kendal.

[44:20] What it’s like raising a daughter.



  • Don’t use your past as an excuse.

  • Unlearn the lack mindset.

  • Your obstacles are your strength.

  • It all starts in the home.



“Don’t use your lack of whatever as an excuse to being successful.” - Kendal Netmaker

“There are so many times I wanted to quit, and there’s many times I did and somehow we were able to make it through.” - Kendal Netmaker

“When you grow up with that lack mentality you assume it’s not going to come again and so when it gets there you want to use it as fast as you can.” - Kendal Netmaker

“You’re adapting every time you walk through that door.” - Kendal Netmaker

“If you don’t know how to do it, you go find people that do.” - Kendal Netmaker

“Everything starts at home.” - Kendal Netmaker

“Usually the best entrepreneurs, the best leaders have overcome the most.” - Kendal Netmaker



[8:10 - 8:50] The unexpected doors life can open.

[10:45 - 11:20] Unlearning the scarcity mentality.

[18:15 - 19:25] The responsibility to leave negative beliefs in the past.




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