Creating transformation from the inside out 



From a very young age, we begin to learn to suppress our emotions. We begin to create beliefs that eventually run the way we show up every single day, based on circumstances and experiences that we’re holding on to from the past.


We can do all the conscious mindset work, try to force new habits and behaviors, say affirmations in the mirrors and hope we eventually believe them…..

Or, we can go deeper than that and go right to the source.

“The body remembers what the mind forgets”

We can truly embody (no forcing or faking) who we truly are and what we truly want to create in this world.

So it doesn’t matter if your relationship with your partner stinks right now, or maybe you just know it could be better.

Or if you’re laying your head down on your pillow at night beating yourself up that you weren’t present enough with your children.

Or if you’re in chronic pain, struggling to have enough energy, not feeling excited about life, stuck or frustrated with your income.

You’re welcome here.

Because I want to hold space for you to heal.

To feel safe enough to feel.

To come back into your body and connect with yourself on a level you haven’t felt since perhaps you were a child.

I can’t tell you what your experience will entail. Or guarantee you certain outcomes.

But I can guarantee you’ll be loved on this journey of feeling, letting go, and connecting to your heart so that you can create the relationships, health and finances that your heart craves.

If the words rhythm, connection, experience, soft, flowy, embodiment spark a feeling inside of you…. then this is the right place.

You are a human being, not a human doing.

And I look forward to watching your journey of being to unfold.

Monthly Membership

Nurtur(her) is a month by month membership where my commitment to you is:

Group Breathwork

two live group breathwork sessions/month

(currently every 2nd Sunday at 10am MST)

Self Paced Course

Instant access to "Reignited Relationships - Honor Yourself. Heal Your Relationships"

($1111 Value)

Community + Library

Surround yourself with the energy of like-minded women (away from social media) + a growing library of breath and energetic alignment coaching videos 

** There are no minimum commitments, you can cancel at any time (I’m not here to create scarcity within your nervous system) and in the same breath, if you know this is exactly where you’re meant to be, then I encourage you to commit to yourself for a year. Stay consistent and show up to build trust within yourself (small consistent growth encourages safety within your nervous system, creating sustainable change) and I’ve created an annual price to support you in this (3 months free when paid up front - no refunds)



for a limited time




3 months free


What is Conscious, Connected Breathwork?

  • In breathwork, our breath is our teacher and our guide
  • we consciously practice returning to natural, unhindered breathing by mimicking an exaggerated natural breathing experience (relaxed exhales and no unconscious pauses in our breath cycle)
  • sustaining this natural breath cycle for the length of a session allows for old stresses trapped in our bodies to begin rising to the surface of consciousness
  • this may trigger feeling states that were tied to the original stressing experiences and our reaction to them
  • the many layers of stored stresses make up how we act and behave today; tensions, postures, altered breathing patterns, actions, self-talk, beliefs, emotions, moods and identity, reflections and projections that occur when we encounter later life experiences that trigger similar feelings
  • the key to facilitated breath sessions is to sensitively edge up to the mental/emotional cliffs, bringing them into awareness, while maintaining connection with self and deep, natural breathing, in order to rewrite our reactivity to stored history
  • by doing this, we say "yes" to feeling - everything - without the need to suppress it, get away from it, or make it part of who we think we are
  • stored stress and trauma can be viewed as an incomplete cycle - something stimulated the fight, flight or freeze response system and the person was unable to see the process all the way through to a natural discharge of this energy
Conscious, Connected Breathwork is a method for dealing with the broken cycles and could be seen as locating stillness in the midst of the storm, the storm eventually discharging because there is nothing left fueling the resistance. 

Benefits of Breathwork

As a mom...

  • catalyst for your own inner child work
  • present and aware
  • more compassionate and patient
  • regulate your own nervous system
  • able to co-regulate children and be with them in their own emotions
  • reactive to responsive
  • not project your own fears and anxieties (stored stressors) onto your children
  • more days of ease, lease worry and doubts
  • trust your mama intuition (drown out the outside noise and authority)
  • handle daily stresses with more ease, clarity and headspace 




As a partner...

  • getting in touch with your own inner child helps you take personal responsibility for yourself on a deeper level
  • understanding your own triggers, patterns, needs
  • compassionate towards your partner
  • embrace femininity - soften, guard down, less need to protect ourselves, feel safe, allow and receive
  • invite more lightness and playfulness into your relationship
  • recognize where you take on his energy






As a woman with desires...

  • gas pedal vs brake (safety in body)
  • belief in self to go for it
  • letting go of fears/doubts (failure, judgement, criticism)
  • trusting yourself
  • recognizing self as separate from your limiting blocks
  • connecting to authentic parts of self - in touch with true desires
  • awareness of depth of breath through daily actions
  • deeper awareness of body tension/patterns regularly and also through different experiences
  • connection to a deeper part of self - intuition
  • increased confidence  




for a limited time




3 months free


I had my first breathwork session with Laura and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Laura was amazing at making me feel comfortable and relaxed so that I could really get into this experience and the healing that would come with it.

- Leah

I have learned that in order for my infant daughter to grow into a confident, respectable, genuine human, I need to heal my past and BE that person, and lead in a way that inspires her to be that person."

- Paige

Laura intuitively knew exactly what I needed. Her presence, her voice, she was made for leading people through breathwork. When I came out of my session I felt calm and present, and aware of insights and affirmations that were given to me during our session.”

- Danielle