Imagine if your relationship was less about:

  • Feeling naggy or nagged at

  • Pointing fingers or blaming each other

  • Avoiding uncomfortable conversations

  • Spending evenings silently scrolling your phones

  • Feeling like roommates, just going through the motions

  • Being tired, overwhelmed & not sexual 

  • Feeling unfulfilled, disengaged and frustrated

  • Saying the same things over and over and getting the same unsatisfied results


And More About:

  • Feeling desired and appreciated by your partner

  • Being a team: around the house, raising the kids, life goals

  • Seeking adventure and having fun together

  • Understanding yourselves and each other on a deeper level

  • Confidently talking about uncomfortable stuff and finding resolutions together

  • Being able to ask for what you need & want 

  • Speaking the same language and feeling heard 

  • Re-creating that sense of passion and intimacy you dream of from your dating days

Then it's time to bring your attention and awareness to yourself and your relationship.

Whether your relationship has taken the back burner through life changes that last few years (careers, kids, pandemics, you name it) or you're just ready to take your relationship deeper because you know that power couples create epic lives for themselves and their families.....

Then you're in the right place. 

We're all about being pro-active here at The Revived Couple. Things don't have to suck in order to create change. We can desire more just simply because we want to. We think of this 6 week relationship deep dive like regularly changing the oil in your car, or spring cleaning your home; essentially clearing out the old and infusing new fresh energy. As humans, we're constantly growing and changing, and consciously checking in on your relationship will benefit you immensely in the long run.

A relationship where feeling emotions and expressing desires, wants and needs is SAFE; creates a container for the relationship to be WILD: playful, passionate, adventurous and free!

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From Michael & Laura

Wherever you find yourself currently standing, we’ve probably been in your shoes as well….

In 18 years, we’ve gone from following all the societal steps that Disney portrays as “happily ever after,” to almost divorcing, to doing the inner work that ignited our passion for ourselves and each other again, to traveling Europe, becoming parents, navigating health issues, moving through depression…..

We’ve come to believe we go through lessons in life to make us stronger and to grow and we’ve also learned it’s a heck of a lot easier to navigate through life’s struggles and fully enjoy life’s pleasures when we’re on the same team!

We’ve done it ourselves and see so many couples doing it now….. fighting and resisting each other, instead of getting over their egos and coming together to concur the outside world together.

Most of us aren’t taught the skills or role modeled the tools to successfully navigate an intimate and fulfilling life with another human being, and that’s why we are excited to support you with the awareness and toolbox for your own unique journey and evolution in “Safe & Wild“

Happy Couples


I had been struggling with communication in our relationship for years and often brought up the idea of couples counseling/therapy.

Donnie had a personal connection with Mike from his childhood and had been following their podcast on his own. 

When he brought up the Safe and Wild group sessions I immediately thought it was a great idea. We were nervous at first but Mike and Laura made us feel very comfortable from the first group session. 

This lead us into the one on one couples sessions where we really got to dive deep into some of our communication issues. Mike and Laura create a safe place to open up about relationship and talk about subjects that aren’t easy to talk about with your partner or anyone outside your relationship. 

We both felt the sessions were extremely useful at creating self awareness and helped us bring our best selves forward in our relationship. We couldn’t have been more grateful and plan to continue to check in with Mike and Laura on a regular basis.

-Tara and Donnie


Safe & Wild gave us a space and tools to become responsible for ourselves and what we bring into our relationships.


- S & C 


Laura and Mike are so great at setting the tone to make people feel comfortable. They're real, and honest, and we appreciate that about them!

- J & P

What does Safe & Wild entail?

Safe & Wild is a 6 week pre-recorded & self paced coaching program designed by us, Michael & Laura. It’s based on the inner learnings of our own unique journey over the past 18 years, combined with the knowledge and tools we’ve invested into our own personal and relationship growth over the past 8 years plus the countless conversations we’ve had with people just like you that are looking to come together in their relationship and create a deeper connection & intimacy.

Over 6 weeks we will bring awareness to 6 main foundational teachings, allowing space to embody within yourself and with your partner to create a sense of safety and wild within your relationship.

Although we do recommend working through the program together with your partner, you can and will create huge shifts throughout your relationship by working through the program alone. We never encourage you to make your partner do the work. This work is focused mostly on yourself as an individual, encouraging both people to take responsibility for themselves.


6 Weekly Modules = 6 Weekly Date Nights   


Instant access to new tools and awareness to strengthen your connection

If you’ve never listened to an episode of our podcast, we highly suggest to check out a few of the latest episodes…. get a feel for us and our personalities, that’s a big deal for being able to connect with us and get the most out of our teachings.

It’s probably necessary that you’re ok with the word f*ck. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know why. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, well this is why you should.

Our goal is to continue being real and vulnerable in how we show up for you. We’re super loving, but also can give you a kick in the a** when it’s called for. We’ve been in your shoes before so we get it. Sometimes it sucks to face the sh*tty parts of ourselves and our relationship, but it’s also so empowering to release those old stories and move into a healthier, happy relationship. And it’s always great to make this work fun as well…. we’re not always serious.

Whether you’re feeling like you’ve got a lot of work to do on your relationship, or always open to new ways to grow and get to know each other, we’ll support you through this program. We all start somewhere.