Keeping The Knowledge Alive With John Langan

Nov 23, 2022

John Langan is an award-winning author and a speaker who has touched thousands with his story on resilience, perseverance, and intergenerational residential school trauma. He’s also a soldier, a police officer, a traditional knowledge and language keeper, and a father and husband, and he stopped by the show to share some really amazing wisdom about growing up Indigenous and overcoming life’s many obstacles.

We get into so much, including what drove John to share the beauty of Indigenous culture and ceremony, what it means to bring back the warrior society in a modern sense, and how to approach elders respectfully. He also shares his perspective on the importance of fathers, what it’s like raising daughters, and how youth can stay on the right track and out of trouble!



[1:55] All about John.

[3:25] What made John want to share his knowledge.

[6:15] A funny story about Chester Knight. 

[8:00] What made John want to pursue more traditional knowledge.

[12:30] How to approach an elder with questions.

[23:20] John’s tangible steps to get on the right track.

[28:30] What it means to be a warrior.

[46:30] John’s relationship advice.

[51:35] What it’s like raising daughters.

[1:03:20] What “men’s work” means to John.



  • Approach elders with a gift.

  • Life each other up.

  • Do what you have to do to make it through this life.

  • Ditch the excuses.



“We should be holding each other up as First Nations people, not trying to push each other down and compete with each other.” - John Langan

“You do whatever you’ve got to do to get through this life.” - John Langan

“Always start with tobacco.” - John Langan

“Talking to the Creator his one of the most powerful things that we have been given.” - John Langan

“Don’t use your upbringing as a n excuse, use it as power.” - John Langan

“You have to know what bad looks like in order to feel what good feels like.” - John Langan



[8:55 - 9:10] Wise words from John’s dad.

[14:50 - 15:35] Advice to approach an elder.

[16:50 - 17:35] The power of our words AND the power of prayer.




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